From my car…going back home

Ok this will be half in italian and half in english…

Today I earned 30 €….10 for the lesson and 20 from the instant lottery lol…I don’t know exactly what to write in english because the italian part is the main part of my post…lol… I can say that Fabio, an old friend from the camp, invited me to watch Roma-Genoa next week live…well, have to say that now that I’m thinking about it…I have a doubt that I’m going to google…I think next week there’ll be the italian national team playing…

Yes, exactly how I was thinking….Roma is playing on the 17th…I don’t know if I can go because I wanted to go to Euro Chocolate with Ken…but I don’t really know if we are going there because he said maybe….we will see!!!

Ok ora la parte in italiano…ovviamente come io pensavo, perchè lo conosco come le mie tasche, non è certo venuto a Roma….non è certo tipo da queste sorprese…mia madre ancora non ha capito che di me non gli interessa un emerito nulla…



~ by laleciocci on 2 October 2010.

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